Affiliate Dashboard

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Foxy & Fierce Affiliate Program

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Start earning your commissions today!

Join our Affiliate Program and you can start earning a 20% commission for everyone you refer who becomes a Foxy & Fierce member using your Affiliate Link.

  • Your Affiliate Link is exclusive to you and how we track your sales!
  • As an Affiliate you also earn an additional 10% commission for every team member you refer who then refers a new registered member using their Affiliate Link.
  • You must use your unique Affiliate Link when posting to any platform in order for us to track your sales.*
  • All Affiliates must be current members to receive commissions.*
  • All commissions are paid through Paypal. Please provide your PayPal email address under the “Account” tab below.*

Join the program, then share like crazy!

You’ll want to share your Affiliate Link anywhere you can and encourage friends and followers to sign up. You can do this by posting cool photos or videos to your social channels and encouraging people to join using your Affiliate Link.

Let ’em know how it’s done, Champs!

You can also share your Affiliate Link directly with your friends and followers. Have them join the team. Host virtual workout parties. Keep each other motivated. And when those friends share with their friends – you get paid!

Bottom line, we are all in this together and we appreciate your help as we grow our online platform. Thank you for spreading the word!

IMPORTANT: To ensure your posts are FTC Compliant you MUST include the hash tag #FoxyandFierce when posting and sharing your Affiliate Link.

Example: “So glad to be on Team #FoxyandFierce Use my link to join!”

Got questions? Shoot us an email, we’re here for you.

Thanks Team!

All The Best,


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