Welcome to our Total Body Fitness challenge.

This 6 week challenge is designed to get you in peak conditioning.

Our classes are a unique blend of fitness, kickboxing and martial arts. They are for everyone.

No matter what age or gender, we can make you Foxy and Fierce.

Get the fit body you desire and while learning valuable skills that will empower you throughout your life.

Strengthen your lungs, strengthen your will, strengthening your body, strengthen your mind.

Do this with us for the next six weeks.

This is the same system that we use for our clients to get them in superstar shape for their roles in film and television. With added benefit of developing their fighting techniques which expand their roles by having a comfortable understanding of fight choreography.

Also, kickboxing is fun. When you make it a game, you have a good time.

Come play with us and achieve significant strength and stamina.

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Workout Includes

  • 37 Classes